Changelog 1.0.8b

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A pretty small list this week but we did have 2 huge updates inside!

  • We have gone back down to 64 slots, after our test at 72 for a week we were noticing some issues in terms of streamed assets and client based processing. This is something we will be looking to optimise in the coming weeks.
  • There is now a distance check on EMS elevator menus
  • Pedal bikes can no longer be taken in to LS customs
  • Jail times have been increased significantly. This should stop people with 60 month sentences being out and done in 1.2 seconds
  • You can no longer start another trucking job if one is already active
  • Medkits have been updated and now only work if there are no ems online
  • Updated some tattoos
  • General Quality of Life updates for police/dispatch
  • New Housing System
    • Added the Real Estate Job in
    • Added the ability to customise the interior of your house
    • Added the ability for you to spawn in at your house
    • Added the ability to have personal garages installed to your home
  • New Phone
    • New (more scaled) UI
    • Better performance for contact and message handling
    • New apps (including Camera, Yellow Pages and Housing)
    • Ability to control things such as keys, cars and locks from your phone
  • Hostages now must have their hands up for /th to work
  • Fixed the issues with PD not being able to enter their trunks

  • "Housing" Spawn option to spawn selector (this can be set in the phone)

  • The broken night club teleport points
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