The Housing System



This is a guide the the latest housing system that has been released (27/06/2020).

We have increased the prices of houses in the city, this is deliberate and will stay. Our reasoning is the new prices have been based on the new functionality (you can now store unlimited items, and we may be adding a drug farming system in at a later date) and are worth more than they previously were. If you disagree with this, feel free to make a ticket and argue with us about it there but keep it out of game.

Purchasing Houses
Purchasing houses is now done through the "Real Estate" job. This business will advertise themselves on Yellow Pages when they are available.
Real estate members are able to sell you un-owned houses and install garages for you.

You can view all unowned houses by using the /togglehomes command and view the "white coloured" houses. You are able to visit these houses and view which interiors come with them.


Decorating Houses

Your able to view all place-able objects through the IKEA menu using /decorate
Each item comes with a price, You will only be charged this money once you have placed it down. Here are the following controls:

UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT ARROW - Used to move the prop across the X and Y axis around your house. The Z axis will be automatically calculated and set.
LEFT SHIFT - To enable and disable precision mode, this will allow you to make smaller intervals of adjustment.
ENTER - To confirm/place your object. This is when you will be charged.
BACKSPACE - This can be used to exit your selection and go back to the IKEA menu
SCROLL - Used to change the rotation/heading of objects.

/pickup - This can be used to pickup items that have been placed down. You will receive a % back off of it.

Please note: anyone with key access is able to place and edit things in your house. If you store items in containers like baskets or crates and you pick them up then all items inside are lost.

Selling/Phone and Spawning in your Garage

You are able to use /gifthouse {ID} to transfer ownership of an already purchased house. This can not be done for OOC reasoning (transferring across characters), abuse of this will result in a ban.
You can use the housing app in your phone. You are able to unlock/lock the doors, Give/Remove Keys, reset locks and Set spawn house.


Custom Garage Locations

These can be set by "Real Estate" agents. This can be set up to 50 meters of the property entry. These have 2 slots, the first comes free with the installation and the second costs $500
This acts as a normal garage, however only the owner of the property can use it.

I hope you all enjoy this update along with the new phone! If you have any suggestions be sure to put them in on the discord #suggestions channel.

The Mad

Bug Hunter
Also, Will we have to assemble the IKEA home decorations in addition to placing them down in these new houses?