What's your rating of the server?

The Mad

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Think yourself into your inner exquisite master server critic and give the admins/devs/mods a simple but elegantly nuanced personal rating of how the project has faired so far;
Mine is a solid 👌🦆/6,4


New member
Server Resources and Development- 8.5
Smoothness and Function (64 players)- 8.5
Smoothness and Function (108 players) - 2.5
Immersiveness- 7.0
Quality of RP- 6.5
Realism- 6.0
Economics -8.0
Administration (in game)- 5.0
Information and Availability- 8.5
Overall Score- 7.0 of 10.0
Rating 1-10 as compared to other 64 slot OneSync RP servers - 9.5

My hours of Fivem experience as stated on my Steam Profile 2801 Hours
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