OneSync 128+ Slots - Post Mortum


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This is our post mortum blog post regarding our latest 128 player slots test that took place on 20/06/2020 from 6PM - 12AM BST
So the test was really successful! We thank everyone that helped participate. As keeping to our promise everyone that has linked their discord to the server has received $7,500 in your /claim reward list.

According to our statistics we hit 109 players online at 22:36PM BST!! (wow)

Here is a list of the issues that we have found. Please note some of these things we can improve on and fix, others we will have to wait for FiveM to intervene. For the time being we have put the slots back down to 72 (still an increase from our normal 64) and we will revisit the idea regularly regarding boosting the slots further.

  1. Kicking off with a good note, we have confirmed that our hardware is more than capable of hosting over 100 players with ease. Our main concern was with our networking abilities and we can confirm that (compared to our normal 5% usage) at our peaks we were still only using 12.5% of our bandwidth capabilities leaving us plenty of wiggle room for development nodes and github fetches, etc.
  2. A big decrease in FPS and client performance was reported. This was expected with the large increase in players and models on the map which clients would need to load.
  3. We noticed that our teamspeak (tokovoip) script began to suffer a lot around the 109+ player mark resulting in there being multiple times where we had to manually restart the script to correct muting issues. We actively looking into better VOIP alternatives due to these issues also being prominent in OneSync Infinity (128 and above servers)
  4. Throughout the night we noticed that the networking of player peds, skins (and most commonly custom skin modifications such as hair) had a tendency to glitch out resulting in a rainbow effect (hair colours would change through multiple colours). We don't believe this is anything that we can improve however we will investigate further.
  5. Syncing with collisions did not get worse, but also did not improve (as expected). There was no noticeable change in lamp posts randomly being knocked over or delay between vehicle collisions.
  6. We noticed a significant increase in crashing from players on the server (although not confirmed most appear to be related to streamed Objects and MLO's). These did include: red-yellow-rugby, berlin-twelve-zulu, winter-ink-montanaeleven-fourteen-papa and wolfram-sixteen-moon
  7. After our demolition derby event (which was really good, thank you @MrFinsGaming for hosting that!) there were multiple cases where vehicles would become "scuffed entities", with no better way to put it. This was also noticed around the map through the night. Multiple cases of vehicles that were unable to be removed by admin utilities or players did begin to build up. Example:
  8. On a more positive note, we did notice a larger than average retention rate with our new players (this is presumably due to the lack of queue and wait to enter the server), we welcome everyone that may of found the server due to this stress test!
  9. We had over 600 unique logins in 6 hours! This is insane! Its over 140% increase to what we normally have! (Again probably due to lack of a queue)
  10. Certain aspects of our framework, most noticeably our "hud" resource (used to control vehicle speed locks and health bar/displays) under-performed our expectations and we will be looking into that over the coming weeks to make some optimisations and improvements.
Upon review of tonight's events we have deduced that we are not quite happy pushing our slots up that high on a permanent basis. We feel there is a little more work that needs to be done on both our's and fivem's end in terms of optimisation and desync/syncing improvements. Luckily I don't think that this will be far away! I do feel comfortable with OneSync+ to increase our slots to 72 so we have pushed that out with an update and we will review this again (maybe with another stress test) as soon as we see fit.

When preparing for this stress test we did look into the idea of using OneSync Infinity. This would open a lot of doors for us in terms of performance and their use of player culling means that people only have to load the assets in a "focal range". However upon testing this we found it does come with its drawbacks (no natural NPC or car spawning) as well as it requiring a large code rewrite for some of our non-server-networked scripts. In my opinion this system is still in very early BETA and my experience hasn't been consistent enough where I would be comfortable with using it as a production platform.

Again we thank you all for taking part in this (including the amazing outcome at the planned event), we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Remember to join our discord to be posted on when we try some of these shenanigans again!

I am going to leave this post unlocked to allow you guys to comment some things we may have missed out of our report!


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Fantastic stuff from the Dev and Staff team as usual.

Really love the level of openness and transparency that you all maintain, especially around the nitty gritty pieces of information.

Can't wait to see what else comes to Lifetime RP

The Mad

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I'm happy to see the team already being more ambitious with the project.

I hope that future optimizations to the server will make even more people be able to join the server and have a good time without serious hardware.


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Very well done. Again I want to point out the availability to info about server performance and updates. This alone is worth sticking around and giving the team time to fix minor issues. Letting people know you are working to constantly advance the server and maintain their happiness and a good atmosphere, will long outlast the annoyance and drama of drive by players and low information naysayers..