[IMPORTANT] Community Update - 07/18/2021

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Hi everyone,

As requested by many of you in the discord suggestions channel, I've decided to make this post about what will be taking place in the coming months in regards to the community with updates, changes and additions.

So! It has been a year officially since we did our last wipe. For a public server that is a very long time as most reset every few months. Now is the time where we as directors, developers and staff come together to discuss what the next step will be for the server. Over the past few weeks we have had a few get togethers to talk about what we will be doing in order to improve the server both through performance and more things in general to improve RP and give people more things to do.

So, what is actually being done?

Well... We have decided that we will be re-writing our entire framework. Doing this is a huge task, but it is definitely something that needs to be done. The framework that we run with now has been developed over 5 years by many different developers, so, as usual everything is all over the place, things are messy, things break and it isn't how we want our server to be. Re-writing the framework will allow us to structure the server the way we want it to be, order it correctly so we know where things are which will then allow us to make updates easier, fix issues when they occur and generally improve performance for the server since all of the code will be up to date using the latest natives that FiveM has to offer.

What will come with the update?

Right now, we only know what we have written down. The main parts we want to focus on are the ones that will force roleplay interaction with one another. EXAMPLE: For mechanics we want to have parts of vehicles degrade such as a vehicles brakes. Meaning, if you don't go to a mechanic to have your brakes repaired then there will be a negative effect to your vehicle, like brakes might fail or your car might randomly brake for you. We want to have people interact more so that there is a reason to roleplay on the server and not just have people standing around in one place.

Here's a few more things that we will be looking at;
Civilian robberies - Ability to hold up a local and receive items such as a wallet (could have a bank card in maybe or cash?) or even jewelry
House robberies - Pretty much what the title is.. You can rob houses and get valuables to sell
Pacific bank robbery - Unsure on how this will work but we will come up with something cool!
Mining Job - Ability to go mining, get stone, clean it to find jewels which can then either be sold or crafted into jewelry
New drug system - Something that everyone can do rather than giving it to specific people meaning people can try control drugs
Hunting - Can purchase bait and a rifle, go to a specific location, place the bait and have the animal come to you
Evidence system for police - Will give police more in-depth ways to catch criminals and actually do investigations
Medical system - Body parts can be injured, so, if your right leg takes x amount of damage you may begin to limp
Vehicle financing - Can finance a vehicle over a certain price and pay it off over x amount of weeks

There are tons more features that I could run through but these to me are the more fun ones. Feel free to put your suggestions in the suggestions channel on discord as we will definitely be focusing heavily on the community to see what people would like to see from us.

Will we still use Teamspeak?

No! We won't be using Teamspeak. We will be using something called PMA VOIP, this is an in-game VOIP system which is much much better than Teamspeak as there are no external things people have to download in-order to join the server which means more than likely it will attract more role-players to come along. The creator of PMA VOIP is a developer for our KoTH server so I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping us out if we have any issues ;).

Will there be progress updates or sneak peeks at what is being done?

Absolutely. There is a channel in the discord (https://lifetimerp.com/discord) called #sneak-peeks and we will be posting updates on what is being worked on in there. We will also be asking the community more questions on what you would like to see be added and possibly putting some polls out to see your response.

How long is the update going to take and will there be a wipe?

As or right now we are unsure on how long this will take, we're hoping to at least have a beta version in the next couple months. The main thing we don't want to do is rush the server as that is when you have problems. We do have more developers with us now so that is awesome. We have 4-5 developers actively with us and a couple more who help us out on KoTH that will be able to hop on board when they get some spare time so fingers crossed we will be able to meet any deadlines that we set.

Yes. Doing such a large update means that we will be doing a reset, some people may not be up to the idea of doing a reset but again, those people are the ones who like to try get pixel 🐈 because they drive a Ferrari in-game and sit outside of Pink cage wearing a tracksuit (you little chavs). I believe that doing a wipe will attract more people to the server as they will be on an even playing field as everyone else and it allows people to look around and see what is new, people are nosey by nature.

Will people who have been banned in the past get unbanned?

Right now I am unsure if we will be doing a ban wipe, if we do then the people who we remember for doing the worst of things will remain banned and the others who did small things will likely be unbanned. Those who decided to hack, cheat or use LUA Injectors will remain banned and they will not be able to appeal.

Before I end this post I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck by us over the past year and continues to stick with us as we venture into the new update. There have been some hilarious moments and some not so much but welcome to FiveM, one of the most toxic game modes of them all.

[NOTE] If you have any questions about anything including the update then feel free to ask them in the discord and I or another staff member will try respond to them.

LTRP Staff Team
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