Good vs Bad Faction/Business Applications

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We have had a lot of troubles with our faction/business application process recently.
It has been decided from the administration team that we need to set more strict guidelines around what people can apply for and what kind of applications will be accepted from here on into the future.

We have certain expectations from applications. Below is an example of an application that WOULD NOT be accepted under these new terms.


Things that we do not want in applications:
  • A group of people who's whole object is to just "rob banks and stuff"
  • People who have little to no name in the illegal community but are requesting control of drugs (we want people to earn these through roleplay, not just give it to someone who thinks it will aid their future roleplay)
  • We do not want characters that are "secondary". If you have another character that is high in the police/ems or mechanic force that you play on full-time then you will be asked to make a decision between taking a lower rank in those fields OR running your own faction.
  • You must not be part of an already existing gang or affiliation. We want to give back to some of our other community members and right now it just appears that the same small group of people are applying for different things over and over again.

Things we are looking for in an application:
  • A clear group directive, rather than just running drugs, or just robbing stores - A group story, a background to each character that is part of your group and an overall goal that doesn't have the "get rich quick" motto as an underlying tone.
  • Unique ideas! (especially in business apps), we keep seeing the same old, same old. Get creative - we would much rather accept an application that brings something new and fresh to the roleplay scene than accept something that everyone has seen before, off some other popular server!
  • An idea on where your group wants to be based (include pictures too! Everyone likes pictures!)
  • A more detailed outline on what is needed from the Development and staff team:
    • The development team will not go searching the web for that interior you really really want - Include links and pictures in your application, if we cant get what you provide us to work or we are already aware of a better alternative we will let you know in the replies to your application!
    • Please don't ask for too much! Your group should have a directive and what we give you as server admins should help enforce the roleplay around that directive. We don't want individuals trying to make applications that have their feet in everything in the server. Try to pick one thing, and do it well.

From now on any application that is denied for any of the following reasons will be given a link back to this post, please check regularly before applying as it will be updated as the staff team/admin team see fit!

Have fun applying!
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