DOJ information Thread


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Could we get an IC thread in the forums for communicating about cases, warrants and trials? If the line of communication can be open and available outside of the city it will be much easier to schedule tasks, organize evidence, and exchange information between lawyers, police, and other DOJ positions when they are filled. I can be available most anytime within 10 minutes if I am notified by my phone, as I work for myself and am never more than 5 minutes from my PC. I am happy to do the leg work, organizing, and scheduling if it means getting the Justice System up and running. People are looking forward to it and I think it will help set precedence for both criminals and DOJ to bring the 2 sides together and decrease some of the less than quality RP. Let me know how I can help. I am happy to take the DA or Judge position if that helps fill the empty spots. It appears we have a few other lawyers in the city and I would also help train them as to what duties and responsibilities are expected of them if needed. Message me or open a private thread to discuss things at least so we can at least get an idea of what a DOJ would look like and debate its objective and function.

Bibz "Saul Badmen"