Command and Key Guide

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Here is a list of the most common commands and basic hotkeys used for our server.

- Opens your player menu.
F1 - Open inventory, you are able to drag items to either use, drop or move them to the opposite side (container/alternative inventory space)
U - Open player menu, use this to check player count
E - Common interaction key, use when prompted to.
X - Hold hands up (Or if you want to go down onto your knees you can use /k).
F - Get in and out of cars.
T - Open the chat box (Use /ooc for global OOC chat or /looc for local OOC chat)
G - Lock/Unlock your vehicle.
R - Reload the weapon you are currently holding(Also works in cars).
Home - While sitting in a vehicle will access glovebox.
Delete - Stops emote.
Insert - Brings up clothing wheel.
L - When near a trunk gets into trunk of car.
Y - Searches inside cars/trash cans.
K - Searches player with hands up(X).
B - Put on/Take off seatbelt when in a car.
Ctrl - Puts player in stealth mode.
P - Pick up/Hang up phone call.
V - Puts player view into 1st person or 3rd person.
F7 - Opens emote menu and walking styles.
Hold H - Drops trailer / takes roof off for convertible.
~ - turns Radio on and off

1, 2, 3, 4 AND 5 - Are all assigned to your Hotbar slots in your Inventory (F1)

F6 - Opens mission or job menu
M (while in a car) - Sets maximum speed/cruise control
Shift + H - Changes VOIP distance
Shift + E - Tackle another player (must be running when pressing the control)
CAPSLOCK - Use radio or talk on mobile phone(edited)

/report {msg}
- Send a message to staff members/report a player (Please include the targeted player by pressing U and noting offenders ID).
/cash - See how much cash you have in your wallet currently.
/skills - See your player skills/reputation
/naked [1,2,3] - take your clothes off.
/clothes - put your clothes back on.
/drag - person must be handcuffed/zip tied or "Down"
/putin - Puts person in car (Must be a 4 door)
/bed - Can be used in pillbox medical to lay down in beds or on operating tables.
/ads - Aims gun in 1st person
/giftcar [ID] - Give the car you are currently sitting in to the targeted player.
/gifthouse [ID] - Gives player a home
/giftboat [ID] - Gives player a boat
/togglehomes - View all purchasable homes on the map (Run command again to toggle), You can also see these through the housing app in your phone.
/togglefish - toggles all the fishing spots on the map might be a couple hidden ones ;).
/togglewarehouse - View all purchasable warehouse's on the map (Run command again to toggle)
/card - Give everyone nearby your business card (includes name and phone number).
/pn - Gives everyone nearby your phone number.
/setspeed {LIMIT} - Set your cruise control speed for vehicles.
/Ctrl + H - Turn your car on or off.
/ooc {message} - Send a message in server-wide OOC chat.
/logout - To enter 60 grace countdown to go back to the character selection screen.
/status {message} - Automatically displays a /me textbox when you approach individuals.
/toggleengine - Keeps engine turned on when you exit the vehicle.
/givekeys - gives keys to car to another player.
/e + {emote} - Trigger the emote specified.
/e c - Clears the emote.
/emotebind {Num 4-9} {emote name} - Bind an emote to your numpad.
/dance [1-121] - Dance your little heart out <3.
/movieon - Sets black bars on screen.
/movieoff - gets rid of black bars.
/cam - takes out a movie/news cam press backspace and then /cam to get rid of camera.
/glovebox - gets into the glovebox.
/togglecrosshair - toggles on/off crosshair.
/news - Brings up our wonderful news articles for you to enjoy!
/loot - rob a player that is down
/th - When someone has their hands up (X) will place them into a hostage hold position
/k - Will make your player get onto their knees as a hostage
/roll 1 3 - This is the ability to roll dice. The first number “1” indicates the number of dice you will roll. The second number “3” is the number you are rolling out of.
Example: I would have rolled 1 dice with a possibility of getting a 1, 2, or 3.
/pullcard - Pulls a random card from a deck of cards.
/odometer - Shows how many miles you have driven your car.
/stopdelivering - stops your taco shop deliveries

Race Commands:
/race record
(Record the race open the map and place the markers)
/race start (betammount) (time to start)
Example: /race start 100 60 This would be $100 to enter the race and 60 seconds before the race starts
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