[client side] LA Roads & Sound overhaul.


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These aren't my Assets, i just want to compile everything together for whoever wants to uses this visual mod while playing lifetimeRP.

I do not take any responsibility for bans/file corruption etc. use at your own risk.

For these to work in FiveM they CANNOT be in the 'mods' folder. you have to replace files that a part of your main game directory.

La roads is a texture overhaul pack, if you want it just for GTA 5 Story mode you can use this [link].
Required Software: WinRAR (Direct Download)(Website)

For FiveM it's a bit more time-consuming and 30GB of disk space is required.

Download links: (supplied by ErraticAlcoholic)
1. Google Drive (sometimes doesn't work due to high traffic)
2. Go File
3. Mega NZ (have to have Mega.NZ membership to download more than 20GB)

If you play online I would recommend backing up your game directory and/or verify game cache before you proceed to GTA online. (modified.RPF files will result in an immediate ban so please remember to revert or reset all modified files.)

All the information to complete the installation of la roads is contained in the download file.
to put it simply.
  • The DLC file goes into Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday2ng
  • The Update file goes into Grand Theft Auto V\update
  • The x64 files go into Grand Theft Auto V\
FiveM Sounds
If you are part of the emergency service team within LifetimeRP this is a good way to further immerse yourself into roleplay. with realistic sirens and horns for all emergency vehicles as well as realistic gun sounds.

Download links:
1. DropBox

Again all information required for installation is in the 'readme.txt' file.
  • Put both 'Resident.rpf' and 'WEAPONS_PLAYER.rpf' files into Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio
  • When it asks if you would like to replace these files as they already exist select yes.
Horn and siren preview:

💻 This doesn't use any more hardware power as it's just replacing texture and audio files. (y)
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