Changelog v2.0.1

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  • Fixed some missing prices (thank you to everyone that reported these!)
  • Banking interface being incorrectly offset
  • Crafting items and reputation fixed for Oxy and Meth
  • Fixed the issue where Ammo wasn't being removed correctly
  • Reduced the car sell price from 50% to 20%
  • Made the WSN codes a little nicer to read again
  • Attempted fix for the shop interface/losing items, we have also added in some debugging options for this. If it continues please open a ticket.
    • EDIT: We are still investigating the issue where you are unable to purchase weapons, however money is no longer taken if this error occurs.
  • Fixed an exploit with the mechanic flatbed
  • Patched issue where using an item resulted in an event being triggered twice.
  • We have made some significant back-end performance in terms of query handling (kms).
  • Fixed issue with invisible inventory items being kept in inventory even after JSON sanitation
  • Fixed weapon dealer rep limit
  • Reputation has been changed to avoid a 100% success rate
  • Fixed chopshop exit controls from not being disabled all the time
  • Reduced the Yellow Page/Advertisment costs
  • Fixed ammo not saving correctly
  • Changed how job payout works
  • Fixed PD Store Attachments
  • Put a cooldown on searching through cars

  • Individual and stacked item weight into the item info (click on the item to display this)
  • Damage is not persistent with stored vehicles, you break a door and store your vehicle - its gonna come back out without a door
  • /toggleengine command for all of our friends in the police force and bank robberies (thanks @Fires)
  • New farming job!

  • Smoke on Water bulk sell
  • Legacy blackmarket code
Not open for further replies.