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    Version 2.1 Changelog

    The (somewhat) long awaited version 2.1 is finally finishing up preparations for release, we've been working hard to rework and recreate existing features, as well as add new additional features to add to the mechanical depth of Lifetime Roleplay for FiveM. Be aware, this is not the full list of...
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    v2.1 Development Sneak Peek

    Hey everyone, I wanted to go and throw together a post giving some insight into what we've been working on. We release fairly active change-logs every few weeks with things going in and being changed everyday, however as I'm sure many are aware that we're quick to say, in response to a...
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    Accepted MCK X81X - Business Application

    This application has been accepted. You'll be pulled into a ticket to discuss details.
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    Expectations for Quality Roleplay

    GUIDELINES The following guidelines are intended to be suggestions and recommendations on proper roleplay while playing in the Lifetime Roleplay RedM server. These are not strict rules that must be followed, however if your roleplay quality comes into question, you can be disciplined for items...
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    Changelog v2.0.2

    Update/Patched: Fixed Chopshop Fixed Recycling Fixed not being able to access motel dressing rooms Updated amount of pedestrians that spawn around the city Increased Robbery Pay-outs Increased Job Pay-outs Updated Drug Prices Attempted fix with owned gas stations Changed top speeds of some...
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    problem with my horse?

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    What Rig you guys running?

    Ryzen 5 2600x, 32 gb RAM, 1060 6gb thats a few years old. Pretty reasonable
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    Changelog 1.0.8b

    New phone is beautiful!
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    The Housing System

    Great work!
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    Character Showcase Thread

    Wanted a place for people to share their characters in an OOC manner and share some backstory and creativity. Give a little blurb and their name, bonus points for pictures! I'll share mine first :) Officer Denny 'Dan' Hamlin - Callsign 474 Officer Hamlin is always swift to pull his service...
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    More additions to the drug weed.

    Would definitely like the NPC orders. Having to sell 168 bags individually is hellish