Skill System


How to work our Skill System we have 11 Skills you can progress through while being on our server.
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Cooking: You start with the basic Grilled cheese and Salad you can progress through this to start making advanced food. The food that cost more to make will give you more EXP you will need to either buy the food from any general store or grow it.

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Farming: You can buy seeds from seed shop located in the sandy area you can buy different seeds to help you make what you desire. The basic level you start off with tomatoes and work your way up to apple trees lemon trees and etc. When growing seeds its best to do it in the day as it goes down twice as fast were if you do it at night it goes down slower.

Stamina: The more you work out the the longer you can run if you don't want to work out you can run around your stamina level will still go up.
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Strength: The more push ups and weights you lift the stronger you get you
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Stealth: To level up stealth you need to press Ctrl this will put you into the stealth motion this will slowly go up and make you silent when you walk now it wont make you general walk silent only when you enter stealth.
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Swimming: Pretty simple the longer you swim the longer you can stay under water for without the need of any oxygen gear.
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Thieving: Being able to break your mates out of handcuffs being able to steal cars with lockpicks buy bobby pins and Stanley Knife take it to the motel or your house and craft lock picks. Then walk up to any car if its locked you have a chance of on unlocking it and being able to steal anyone's car.
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Recoil: This skill makes your camera bounce up and down when you shoot the more you shoot the better your aim gets instead of just shooting in the streets head to the gun store at legion hit the targets or take a trip to the FIB building and have a go at the Police breaching shooting targets.

Flying: The more you fly helicopters or planes the less turbulence you will have when flying it wont shake as much when taking off or landing.
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Driving: Unsure what it actually does

Fishing: Fishing works similar to the the actual job do /togglefiishing it will show you 13 places where you can catch fish you will need to buy bread from a general then go to the places you can then sell the fish at either the marketplace and earn so