Rules and Guidelines



0.1 - Basic Respect
Although this is not a "rule" per say - more of a recommendation. If you are an individual that thinks its acceptable to trample over other people for your own enjoyment just know that that wont happen here. None of our staff get paid, and thus are not held to any "professionalism trading standards". As long as they follow the same rules and guidelines as you, they are free to say what they wish.
If you come in with an attitude or say something stupid; don't complain if a staff member bites back!
Treat others how you wish to be treated!

1.1 - Age Requirement
All players must be 16+ and characters must be 18+. Some role-play contains adult language and adult themes. You can create an unban appeal if you want to play once you have reached our age limit.

1.2 - Toxicity
Being or breeding toxicity in any form will get you removed from the community. If you have a problem then address it properly, not in ways to create drama or be negative. If you want to talk, ask for a talk, we are always willing to listen to what you have to say.

1.3 - Microphone Quality
Have an actual working microphone, don't come in sounding like a 1983 Samsung TV when its lost signal. Please ensure that your microphone does not have an echo either.

1.4 - Breaking Character
Stay in character at all times. If there is a problem during a scenario, role-play the scenario out and then report it on the discord through a ticket (with evidence if possible).

1.5 - META-Gaming
Using information or relaying information which your character did not learn in-game (Discord channels and Twitch Chats are included) to change or modify in-game role-play.

Example: Your twitch chat says that John Doe stole your Assault Rifle, so you go shoot him and try to take it back.​
You are not allowed to be in discord/unmuted during any roleplay situation. Please use the in-game radios (these can be purchased in a store) for communication use.

1.6 - Power-Gaming
Role-playing outside of your character traits, abusing mechanics, and using means not actually in game to gain an advantage such as:

• Getting into fights or shootouts as soon as you leave the hospital, or revived by medics.​
• Not using /me to notify people of something they would notice.​
Example: If a medic /me examines body - you should reply /me has a gunshot wound - if you were shot​
• Role-playing that you have unrealistic powers.​
• Staying true to your physical character.​
Example: If you're playing as an old person, you should have your physical level in mind.​
• Repeatedly shooting someone in the head so they "have to forget" what just happened​

1.7 - Random/Vehicle Deathmatch (RDM/VDM)
RDM - Attacking another player or group without any story/role-play leading up to it. Regardless of the RP or backstory, a verbal communication must take place in order to fight or shoot.​
VDM - Driving into someone or a crowd of people with no role-play, interaction or reason behind it.​

Example: You're robbing a bank, you get into your vehicle and a cop is standing in front of your car so you run him over
Example: You get into your car and see people standing at pink cage so you decide to ram your vehicle into them

1.9 - New Life Rule (NLR)
If you are downed and respawn at the hospital, your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being downed. You may NOT respawn if you've been advised that the police or EMS are on their way to you. If you are revived by medics then you can vaguely remember some details.

Example: The clothing the person was wearing, a description of their vehicle if one was used & description of their voice. You cannot use specific names or give out information that will lead to an immediate arrest.​

1.10 - Crime Limits
Criminal activities are limited to a maximum of 6 players at a time. Relaying information to or between characters (lookouts, radio communications) counts you part of that scenario.

1.11 - Exploiting
Using an exploit to benefit for personal gain or a group's gain is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, dupes, bugs & glitches. All exploits must be reported to staff as soon as they are found. (Rewards are given depending on how severe the exploit is)

1.12 - Quality of Roleplay
Don't be unrealistic. Roleplay out scenarios in the most realistic way possible, sometimes think of how you may have seen it in a movie, that always helps. (We don't mean drive a vehicle up a ramp and into a helicopter, you're not Bruce Willis)

1.12.1 - Escalation of Force
Don't just pull out a gun and shoot! Most scenarios don't suit this action. Try to create responses to situations that match in severity.

Example: You are at a park with your friends and some guy comes up and steals your bag, you decide to tackle him and hold him at knife point.
Example: Some guy bumps into you or knocks you over by mistake, you decide to pull out a gun and shoot them in the head.

1.13 - No Value of Life
Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or severe harm from other means.

Example: 4 guys pull out pistols and point it at you, you pull a knife out and decide to stab one of them.​

1.14 - Discrimination
Any form of discrimination is not allowed. Including but not limited to; age, disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation etc. both in and out of RP. Ban times can vary depending on the severity of your actions.

1.15 - Client Modifications
Any sort of modifications to your client that give you an in game advantage are prohibited. Example: Crosshairs The only exceptions for client modifications are visual mods for aesthetics or sound mods (sirens/gun sounds).

1.16 - Combat Logging
Disconnecting from the server with the intention of avoiding role-play. This includes disconnecting to avoid being arrested, death, combat, medical attention etc. If you crash, join back and respawn at your last location. Let the others know via OOC chat to continue the scenario.

1.17 - Character Sharing
This relates to sharing information between your own characters. Regardless if your character is in the same family or gang as another one of your characters, you are NOT to share information across them. This also goes for sharing items, vehicles etc between characters, this is strictly prohibited.

1.18 - Twitch Guidelines
Players must follow the Terms of Service (ToS) at all times. This is to protect anyone streaming within the server. You can click HERE to view them.

1.19 - Fuel Stations & LS Customs
To avoid the same people owning all of the gas stations and Los Santos customs there are set limits between each person, not character. 2 Gas stations and 1 Los Santos Custom.

1.20 - Real Life Payments

There is no acceptance of real life money for in game advantages or actions. A ban will be issued without warning.

Example: John pays Jane $20 IRL for a vehicle because you cannot afford it in-game.​

1.21 - Roaming Size & Maximum Faction Size
The max roaming size is set to 12. This does not mean that you can commit crimes with 12 people if you have them, this just allows you to roll around with a group or do whatever business you need to do.
The maximum number of people you are allowed to have in your faction is 8 people.

1.22 - Community Protection
Lifetime Interactive reserves the right to ban/terminate access to our services as deemed necessary to prevent players from causing a negative effect towards the community.

2.0 - Contacting Staff
If you want to speak to staff members, do not approach them via DMs. Create a ticket on the discord or use /report in-game and when a staff member is available, they will help you.


2.1 - Interaction
During your time on our server, you will interact with characters from all walks of life. Government officials, police, medics, business owners etc. The main goal or aim is for all to provide the best immersive experience for each other and their stories.

With EMS
If you are downed you must wait for police or EMS to arrive. When one of them arrives, both sides should strive to provide the best quality of role-play for that specific scenario. EMS will act professionally during the situation, it is your job to act out your injuries in the best way possible. Use /me to provide extra information to further the RP. Friends of the person(s) who are being helped should no longer interfere and civilians that are not needed for questioning by the police or were involved should leave the area.​

With Police
Police will behave in a professional manner towards the public. It is your goal to provide a base level of respect that you would typically give to a police officer. When being arrested or detained, don't nitpick about what they can and cannot do, call a lawyer if you feel you have wrongfully been detained or arrested.​
• When a player is downed or put in handcuffs by police, they are considered being in police custody. Once in custody, the current crime or scenario is over and switches over to an arrest/investigation scenario.​
• Anyone that is near or interacting in the situation, must treat the police presence as if it is one of greater force. This does mean that realistically you are not able to "storm the police station" as in the US this would be filled with armed police men and would be the equivalent of running through a hail of bullets.​

2.2 - Criminal Activities
Criminals should be mindful of the attention from police their actions may generate. Give yourself enough time between your crimes for things to cool down. You should expect to get more police attention, longer jail times/fines, and investigations if you repeatedly commit crimes in a small time frame.

2.3 - Permanent Death Rules
Permanent death or "Permakill" is the death of a character, only you can decide when your character is permanently killed off.

• If your character is downed and you decide it's time for your character's permanent death, all you need to do is role-play the scenario out with the EMS or Police when they find you.​
• You may use the "/me" command as indicators to the EMS. Example: "/me has no pulse" leading to "/me has succumb to their injuries".​
• Players are NOT allowed to bring back characters after you have role-played out the death of a character.​


2.4 - Game Mechanics
Players should not be using in game mechanics for blatantly unintended purposes just to gain an edge or activities which don’t produce any story based role-play.

Example: Using the carry mechanic or shooting each other with tasers for no reason.​

2.5 - Recording
Players may take pictures with a camera (/e camera) using the emote . They may record using a camera (/e record). The camera may pick up audio if the player is in range to hear the audio (not through walls/glass etc).

[NOTE] These rules are subject to change at any time! It is up to yourself to keep up to date with them. Last Updated: 15/08/2020 at 21:00pm
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