Rules and Guidelines


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All situations are judged on an individual basis. These guidelines are just there to aid the basic do’s and don'ts for the server.

  1. Age Requirement - You are not allowed to be on the Lifetime Roleplay server if you are below the age of 16 years old. This is put into practice due to the maturity of the roleplay we aim for and the NSFW/Lewd content that can be included with some roleplay scenarios.
    1. We previously added in exceptions for users that we felt had mature attitude (except they were exempt from any sexual roleplay) as of 11/03/2019 this exception rule is being revoked, meaning any NEW player that comes in after this date can no longer be applicable under this condition. Any member that joined before this date is still authorized to play on the server providing their maturity level stays above satisfactory.
  2. No METAGaming - The term META is used to describe one or many individuals using information from a non-character source such as teamspeak or discord to an in character ability. For example: Conversing with an individual and asking them to pick you up in a taxi.
    1. Police and EMS ARE exempt from this rule for official communication terms ONLY. This will be monitored by the staff members and leadership of each department. In cases where you are being kidnapped or your radio has been removed from you (/me removes radio and communication devices) then you must mute both your microphone and speakers on teamspeak and you are not allowed to unmute these until you are given the radio or communication source back.
    2. You are allowed to use a 3rd Party Application on the server if you are talking to an individual while not in active roleplay (for example during a long driving trip while grinding for money on the lumber job). The moment another individual begins to converse or intiate roleplay with you, you must mute both your microphone and sound output.
    3. Upon entering a roleplay situation please ensure that your 3rd party sound application is deafened and that you are not hot-micing (talking in game and in the 3rd party application at the same time). If you are talking to another individual that is actively playing on the server please ensure that you use one of our public discord channels when possible.
    4. You are not allowed to use 3rd party applications to share location data or co-ordinate during bank robberies or shootouts. You must use ingame phones for any private vocal communication as such.
    5. You are not allowed to use information from Streams or videos on Twitch or Youtube as in-character location awareness. You are also not allowed to use information learned on their stream to your characters own knowledge or advantage.
    6. You are not allowed to attempt to influence or suggest actions or controls to a streamer that is live on the server. This is often referred to as “backseat gaming” this is not allowed and if you are found to be attempting to influence a streamers actions you will be permanently banned from the servers. This includes “go and speak to that person and i'll donate you $10” or “I heard that ______ is online and streaming you should go and meet up with him!”
      1. You are allowed to ask your audience for input on scenarios but this interaction must be within reason! You can use your chat to make deciding factors in your story line (for example: if you are going to shoot a hostage or not) but this is not allowed for more advanced roleplay scenarios that includes the long-term storyline of another person (example: trying to perma-death an individual or long term damage torture scenes).
    7. Use of the U menu to identify people driving along in cars or in the distance is not allowed. This counts as META Gaming and is unrealistic (obviously people don’t have floating numbers above their head on a day to day basis)
      1. Police are allowed to use this Menu in traffic stops AFTER they have called in that the will be embarking on a 10-38 and they have gone into Code 2 (lights on).
      2. Civilians are still allowed to use this to identify individuals for reports, just not as an identification method.
    8. People do need to be aware that using names seen in /me’s and /do’s is still META Gaming, you must refer to the individual by the name they have given you/or by one that your character is lead to believe.
  3. Inappropriate Language/Remarks- You are not allowed to say, suggest or act upon any racist, sexist or discriminatory remarks on any of the server’s facilities.
    1. We do not allow the use of racist remarks if you are acting out a character that may use them. This is childish and unnecessary for ALL roleplay situations regardless of the backstory.
    2. If you are found to be saying anything of such, you will first be warned and redirected back to this rule identifier (2a or 2b) and if you are found to be doing it again your account will be permanently terminated on our server.
  4. No Value of Life Rules- You are required to treat your character in such a way that shows value of life at all times. This concerns acts such as running away from someone when they have a gun pointed to your head and other’s.
    1. Committing or making decisions in normal scenarios that can be seen as dangerous or lethal to your own character’s life.
    2. Not thinking or acting logically upon scenarios where you are being taken hostage or are being used as leverage in a bank robbery/store robbery.
    3. Also can be considered no value of life driving recklessly or unrealistically (taking vehicles such as sports cars or non-off road vehicles, off road).
  5. Returned Roleplay- Returned Roleplay or RR is used to describe the term and scenario on when you are in long term roleplay with an opposing faction or individual.
    1. After you have been killed/knocked down in a fight with another player you are not allowed to memorise any specific details about their individual (See rule 10a and 10b). You are also not allowed to return to that location where those individuals are at (or last known to be) for at least 15 minutes. This is in place as a cooldown to prevent revenge killings.
    2. You are not allowed to partake in events like “drive by shooting” unless both parties are aware that there is reasonable roleplay suspicion for such act to take place.
      1. For example a bad/banned version of this would be if someone knocked your character down for the first time at legion square with his fist.
      2. A good and allowed example of this would be if your faction has been in a war or feud with another faction and recently has been involved with ongoing storyline where both parties are aware they are against each other.
      3. Another good example for individuals is if you got robbed by an individual for a large sum of money and you had been making it clear either over twitter or #ic-chat on the discord that you are “out for him” (just ensure he is aware that his life may be endangered from your character - OOC)
  6. Contacting Staff Members - Staff members are entitled to their own free time and space on the server. You are not allowed to do the following:
    1. Contact a staff member about an application, whether this be EMS or Police, unless you are told by another staff member to do so.
    2. Contact a developer about a bug report. These will be seen and dealt with and we suggest you make a post either on our forums or go onto our discord and use the -ticket feature.
    3. Use OOC chat to report issues, hackers or problems that you are currently having, these must be submitted through the use of /report
  7. OOC Drama or “Witch Hunting” - It is not allowed for another person to deliberately go after/attack another individual on an out-of-character standpoint. People come on FiveM Roleplay to get away from their real life and members do not want to come on to see individuals arguing and harassing each other.
    1. If you are found to be partaking, fueling or starting drama between any two people and/or yourself and other individuals you will be terminated from the community and your access to appeal the case will be revoked permanently.
  8. Exploiting Glitches- You are not allowed to exploit glitches on the server, we try to build an internally supportive community and part of this is communal testing for new features and systems.
    1. If you find a bug or an exploit that can be abused on the server you are required to report it in the form of a ticket on the discord or a thread on the forums.
    2. You are not allowed to use the bug to your own advantage, this also includes after reporting it. If you are found to of been doing this then your character CAN AND WILL be forcibly deleted from you (including character contacts, vehicles and memory).
    3. Repetitive use of exploits and bugs can result in your account being terminated from our network.
  9. Mechanic Limitations and Abuse- Grand Theft Auto V and FiveM do introduce mechanical limitations to the server and these are often overlooked and abused by many people during roleplay situations.
    1. Pointing a gun at a passenger in a car. Although GTA will never let you hit a passenger with a bullet in a car, if someone is being taken hostage with this method you must treat it like it can.
    2. Pointing guns and weapons to someones back or head. If a weapon is put up behind you are not allowed to turn around and retaliate, this realistically counts as you not valuing your life (NVL rules Pt.7).
    3. Mechanical limitations can also include events such as arrests when requesting evidence from an officer they can only give you what the game mechanics are able to give. If you sit there with a “You need valid proof that I did ________ to send me to jail” you will probably find yourself being jailed for double the time very quickly.
  10. New Life Rules - If your character is knocked out or knocked down in a robbery situation, your character loses the ability to remember or recall anything leading up to that event.
    1. Due to each roleplay scenario being individual to the person it is difficult to specify a “time limit” where a character will forget. Usually this mind blank is present from the beginning of initiation (when the scenario began/when your character first began speaking to the other party).
    2. After a scenario you are allowed to submit a police report but you are only allowed to give a description of clothing, facial features and vehicle they were driving. All names, phone numbers or other memorised details can not be used in the report.
  11. Character Sharing- Each character you make counts as an individual being. You are not allowed to share characters assets or memories.
    1. You are not allowed to meet and setup a deal with a specific character and then use another character to continue or redeem that deal.
    2. You are not allowed to use the information given to you on other characters, for example if you are shown the weed location as a criminal you are not allowed to log onto a police character and use that knowledge to create a raid. There must be another individual showing or leaking the information to your new character.
    3. You are not allowed to share or transfer money between characters, this includes giving another individual money to transfer to one of your characters later that day.
  12. Quality of Roleplay (and FailRP)- We are trying to uphold a high quality of roleplay for our public servers, please ensure that when you are playing out scenarios that you ensure they are as close to realistic scenarios as possible.
    1. Robbing a bank and running out through multiple police shooting at them with little to no prior roleplay or negotiation will result in an instant kick and any funds gained from the robbery to be removed.
    2. Arguing with Police Officers after being arrested about what they can and can’t do. This can often be described as nit-picking with different laws and legislations written for both the server and california state law.
    3. Unrealistic actions such as running round mass murdering NPCs is not allowed. This counts as unrealistic roleplay and unless your character has a specific reason or justified prior arrangement to commit such an act then it is not allowed.
    4. No communication with Medical Personnel is not allowed. When a Medic arrives on scene you are expected to roleplay with them. If you are knocked out then you can use /me is unconscious and if the medic begins to investigate what happened then you can use commands such as /me has gunshot wound in right shoulder, bleeding-out and broken leg from falling off steps
    5. Please note: If you are given multiple warnings related to quality of roleplay staff will revoke your access to joining the server.
    6. Realism is key! If a scenario that you are attempting to perform or are participating is not something that you could realistically proform with the equivalent resources you have then don’t do it!
      1. Realistic Roleplay also includes but is not limited to taunting police/ems or acting in ways that would be classed as non-realistic (shooting NPC’s for no reason, trying to talk law to a police officer when you have 60 bags of weed on you).
    7. Submitting to actions that you are restricted to do in that scenario, for example using your phone to call a friend or the police while kidnapped (after the kidnappers have made it clear that you don’t have your phone) is not understanding to the Quality of Roleplay or FailRP rules.
  13. Roleplay Limitations - There are rules and limits in what is allowed during roleplay and what is required for both parties to agree too.
    1. Over sexual activities, Rape, Sexual Assault or roleplay including non-consensual touching is not allowed. This kind of roleplay in /me’s or in VOIP is strictly forbidden and anyone found to be initiating this style of roleplay will be instantly banned.
    2. Torture scenes that include acts that will permanently change a character, such as facial disfigurement has to be agreed to by the receiving party in /LOOC before the roleplay begins.
    3. Only the owner of the character is allowed to decide when a character is permanently dead. You are not allowed to power-game or force an individual into killing off their character. Unrealistic or NVL events need to be reported to an admin for investigation. Only then can a character be forced to permanent death.
    4. Roleplay events that include scenarios such as terrorism or other mass genocide-related topics are not permitted unless directly authorized by an administrator for an organized server event (these would only be accepted for suggestions such as bomb defusing)
  14. Permanent Death - Rules regarding when your character is classed as dead and can not be revived and has to be deleted.
    1. Another player can never force you to do this with their roleplay, that is a form of Power Gaming and is punishable (see 16)
    2. A medic can forcibly pronounce you dead if it is clear that the way you died is from falling from an unrealistic height (example: the crane). This is usually not a recommended way to kill off a character though!
    3. If you are found to be abusing a glitch or exploiting (see part 8) then your character can also be killed off by force and all assets removed from them.
    4. Once a character is declared dead it will be deleted by an administrator from your account and you will no longer have access to its balance, memories, vehicles or reputation - exceptions can be made if planned prior to the death event with admins, this must have significant storyline mobility to be allowed however.
  15. GTA V: Online Driving- You are expected to keep driving as realistic as possible during all scenarios this does include:
    1. Driving at over 45 MPH in the city without being chased or having a valid reason in roleplay.
      1. Valid reasoning classes of similar to the following: In a police chase (although you must still drive realistically), escaping from a bank/store robbery, etc. Please be aware that you will still be charged if caught and arrested by a police officer.
    2. Taking on-road vehicles off road, such as Chargers and Mustang styled vehicles. These would realistically not go off-road, the police are not allowed to do it and are stopped and players will be too.
    3. No Jumping! You are not allowed to go off ramps or use your vehicle to jump, this is unrealistic and 90% of the time would cause damage to your car that would be irreparable and would stop the car from running.
    4. If your car is overturned or ends up in a crash where in reality the damage would immobilize the car then you are expected to stop driving the car. You can both be charged in game for having an unroadworthy vehicle and receive warning points from staff for unrealistic/poor Quality of Roleplay
  16. Power Gaming- The act of forcing someone into a situation they can not get out of no matter what.
    1. Downing an individual, taking his phone from him and camping/loitering around his corpse to prevent him from respawning or calling the EMS. This not only counts of power gaming but breaks Quality of Roleplay rules. See part 12f and 12f.i for clarification on this point.
    2. Taking a person hostage is allowed as this can be escaped from in many different ways, weather it be through negotiation with the police or a civilian raising concerns when the scenario starts. Please ensure that those who may be in the role of kidnapped, follow all the correct META Gaming and Fail Roleplay rules (not using phone when it has been taken off you etc).
  17. Random Deathmatch- (RDM) is when you kill a person or group of people without engaging roleplay. This is forbidden and will be punished.
    1. You are expected to initiate with another individual before even pulling out a weapon.
    2. RDM cases can also be accounted for in situations where roleplay is lacking or is obscure. For example: *Runs up to someone random* “PUT YOUR HANDS UP OR I’LL SHOOT” *Robs them, shoots them and then runs away* This counts as RDM and breeching of Realistic Roleplay/and Quality of Roleplay (part 12).
    3. Vehicle Deathmatch - (VDM) Is when you use your vehicle as a weapon. A good example of VDM is driving over someone to kill and/or harm a player.
    4. There are certain RP scenarios that may involve a vehicle coming in contact with a player. For example: When someone stands in front of your car, and doesn’t want to move after letting the person know. Or if the vehicle is already in motion.
    5. Police are allowed to knock people off of their bike using a car, they are trained to do so.
    6. Using vehicles as momentum when doing drive by shootings is allowed as long as it is following our Returned Roleplay guidelines (part 5b)
  18. Combat Logging- You are not allowed to leave or log out of the server while in a combat or police situation.
    1. If you are being processed by a police officer you are not allowed to leave the server to avoid punishment or being detained.
    2. If you are downed you are not allowed to log out to respawn or revive yourself you must call EMS
    3. You are not allowed to put vehicles away in garages during police chases to avoid getting the vehicle impounded as this will result in all the cars in your garage being crushed.
  19. Breaking Character (Talking OOC)- Due to the quality of roleplay we are aiming to obtain for the server we have very strict rules on what is allowed to be done over voice and text chat in terms of OOC.
    1. You are not allowed to use the voice chat for ANYTHING OOC unless an admin drags you away and grants you permission to.
    2. You are not allowed to use the OOC chat for anything such as asking for pickups, this must be done through /tweet
    3. You are not allowed to use /tweet for server questions, such as where locations are or how to do ________ . And when to do ________ .
  20. Green Zones - Green zones are locations on the map that are designed to have banned combat. This can be for many reasons, mechanical or for the benefit of new/returning players.
    1. The Prison is an active green zone and no combat should happen there.
    2. Alta Street train station is an active green zone and combat/police chases should be avoided from being directed in that area.
  21. Drug Supplying/Selling - We are still in the process of setting this up, please ensure that if you are given a drug location or access that you are not actively or repeatedly attempting to get around the daily drug limit. This is there for a reason and abuse of this will be treated as an exploit.
  22. Affiliated Discords- If you are creating an additional discord for your faction or business you must follow the terms given below. If you do not follow these rules and your discord does not comply to them you will be given one warning by an administrator, if the correct fixes are not made the owner and occupants of the discord will be banned for META gaming.
    1. Your faction or business must be accepted and be “official” on the Lifetime Roleplay server.
    2. You are not allowed to have any voice channels (regardless of in or out of character intent)
    3. You are required to create a role that has FULL administrator permissions and this must be given to all administrators on the server.
    4. You are not allowed to have any discord channels that are used for in game chat, however, channels for in game information boards are allowed (for example images of territory or case files)
  23. Player Modifications- This rule applies to anything that modifies your client to give you an advantage over other users, visual modifications however are.
    1. Crosshairs are not allowed :)
  24. Group Maximums - When attempting a robbery or any similar event you must follow the maximum group size regulations
    1. You are not allowed more than THREE robbers with no more than TWO hostages.
    2. If you want to increase this maximum then you can contact a staff member to organise a specific date and time to do such an event as it will require organisation to ensure there are enough police available to assist.