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Hi everyone!

We understand that this post has come out of nowhere and we will explain this throughout. This is coming out alongside another post detailing the physical changes the server will be going through to achieve this update - however, the main point in this post is to explain the logistics and reasoning around our changes.

So first of all, a full reset... why a full reset?
Well to come to this decision we did do a full economy breakdown, we found that there is almost $300,000,000 sitting in people's banks, $97,000,000 worth of cars in garages, and another $37,000,000 sitting in people's pockets as cash. This doesn't include any cash that is saved in storage boxes nor does it include value in stashed assets such as weapons or drugs.
To put it in kind terms our economy is fucked. This has caused noticeable problems, lack of value in monetary loss (the police, etc) as well as it becoming impossible for us to really keep a handle on it.
TLDR: When there is no goal for people to head towards then people get bored and start doing stupid stuff to stay entertained.

Our economy became a problem a couple of months back.. we cant particularly blame one specific event or person, its a problem that has built up over time and has only been accelerated with dupes and money exploits we have dealt with in the past.

So to address one of the biggest concern Donations and Car Imports.
All donation packages will be maintained through the reset. We will also be resending any booster/multiplier bought in the past two weeks (this will be automatically enabled as of the 6PM reset time). Custom Car imports will be maintained through the reset and adjusted to the new economy pricing - people will be expected to re-purchase these vehicles. We will reach out to everyone independently when this post is published to speak to you about where they will be and the new cost/dealership agreements!

Next is how we are going to be dealing with Faction Applications after the reset, the server has grown and it is becoming a logistical nightmare sorting through the faction applications on top of the business ones so for the V2 reset we are going to be changing the faction system to be ENTIRELY in-game. An individual will be able to make, invite, manage and customize a faction from their phone (and although not confirmed currently for the reset date) we will be adding in a similar system to the houses where factions will be able to buy warehouses/stash houses and place down custom furniture and storage to build your own "clubhouse". Any current standing factions will not be forced out of their old interiors however they will be subject to the new group maximum rules and guidelines (these of which will be brought to you independently by the administration team).

Finally business' we are going through each business individually and we will be reaching out to individuals to see if they want to continue their business through to V2 or not. Due to the nature of a business usually bringing in new features and game mechanics, those applications will remain on the forums for development review.

What will reset?
  • This is a full character wipe, we will be removing all characters, phone contacts, money, vehicles, and items from the server.​
What will stay/what can we save?
  • Queue Priority
  • Donation Packages (such as global multipliers of up to 2 weeks ago)
  • Your character skins!! We have added a /save {unique name} command. This can be used to save your character's skin to restore on the new server.
  • Your character's memories. Although this will reset will wipe criminal records we are allowing sustained storylines through the reset as we feel this will cause the least disruption to everyone's roleplay.
Other things to keep in mind:
  • Although this has been in the works for multiple months, a lot of the new features are still in their early stages as we have been unable to test them with a larger audience. We ask for everyone to bare with us over the next few days and be as patient as possible.
and finally..

At the end of the day the simple answer to this was we didn't want to ruin story lines or force people out of their roleplay. We have announced resets before weeks in advance and this just resulted in there being a total lack of commitment to anyone's character's and people no longer valuing anything.
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