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The following guidelines are intended to be suggestions and recommendations on proper roleplay while playing in the Lifetime Roleplay RedM server. These are not strict rules that must be followed, however if your roleplay quality comes into question, you can be disciplined for items not on this list aswell.

General Roleplay
  • Have fun! LTRP's goal is to build a fun and wonderful environment, try and avoid starting or engaging in drama.
  • You're playing a fictional character, have fun with it.
  • Heavily avoid thinking about situations in terms of "win" or "loss". Avoiding this mentality is extremely beneficial to enjoying your roleplay.
  • Roll with the punches and let it build out a story. Enjoy the roleplay even if it's not going your way. Most times it won't.
  • Engage in other peoples roleplay, if someone has a gun and is threatening you, maybe you shouldn't try to gunslinger your way out of it. Become a hostage, listen to their demands. That being said, if you're kidnapping someone, make it fun for them too!
  • Accept a loss and use it to build and advance your story.
  • Don't get upset in OOC.
  • Establish motive behind large crime events, if you're choosing a bank robbery, have a reason behind it that isn't just "I want the money"
  • Balance out your interactions, always give other people an opportunity to react and respond to your roleplay. Especially with guns, everyone should have a fair chance in a shootout (See Firefights below)
  • Immerse yourself, not everything needs to be an all out sprint everywhere. Take a deep breath and walk, enjoy the scene.
Character Development
  • Build your character a story, a beginning, give yourself a reason behind your actions.
  • Be unique, establish traits, positive and negative, let yourself experiment.
  • Slow burn! You can't become an outlaw in one day! Work your way up to avoid the frustration of getting immediately shutdown.
  • You don't always have to be a criminal, start passive and see where the roleplay brings you.
  • Make your character era appropriate, avoid modern day slang while talking. Try and orient your decisions about whats right for your character in their current situation.
    • Avoid 'over the top' stereotypes, stereotypes are great for an easy character but when the quality degrades to becoming 'MemeRP', it's ruins the ability to be serious.
  • Restrict yourself, don't build a character who is a master hunter, horse trainer, gun smith and bank robber. Choose one or two disciplines and stick with them.
  • Define an alignment for your character, this will lead to you restricting yourself to making decisions based on who your character is.
    • Use this common chart as an example:

  • Purpose. Create a goal for your character, whether that be to work their way up to a certain status, or to die a specific way. The more you establish about your character the more dynamic your roleplay can be.
  • Kill your character. Don't always try and come back from every injury, if you're comfortable with where your story is sometimes the best additive to someone else's story is the death of a close friend or gang member.
Mechanics vs Creativity
  • Not always do you need a specific gameplay mechanic that is modded in to have fun or roleplay as a certain person.
  • If you find a job that you're able to do with minimal development work, do it! You can open a ticket and apply to be compensated a salary for working a job we haven't implemented.
  • Participate in events, if someone is offering something, try and be apart of it. Give them more opportunity to roleplay aswell as having some fun yourself.
  • Do something different, sometimes the most fun roleplay is new roleplay. After a while in town, find a niche someone hasn't filled yet and try it out.
  • Don't rely on mechanics to do crime, sometimes you can use status indicators to commit crimes.
    • Example: /do slowly slides hand into John's left suit jacket pocket feeling for a coin purse

Setting Appropriate
  • Remember the history of the time periods, Native American's had recently been forced into reservations.
    • Civil War is still fresh, only a few decades have passed.
  • Base your posse and gang out of where they are located, if they are in an urban area maybe their business deals more with actual businesses rather than being bandits on farm land.
  • Although racism was extremely common in this time period, we've decided not to allow it in any form to stay within Twitch TOS.
  • Strangers were treated with hospitality and respect.
  • Honor is important, ambushes and "jumping" someone shone poorly on you. Duels and mutual fights were much more common as an "honorable" way to die to get wounded while attempting to settle a quarrel.
  • Wearing masks in public was considered rude. Clothing is a major indicator on how people will treat you, dress accordingly.
  • Wear clothing according to the weather and temperature, don't be running around in the snowy mountains in your skivvies and riding through New Austin in a full fur coat.
  • Maintaining injuries, if you get shot during this era, you're likely to have to take good care of that wound to make sure it heals properly while avoiding infection. If you are wounded, avoid getting into other scenarios where realistically your wounds would hinder you.
  • Firefights can be some of the most pivotal moments in a roleplay story, try and use them as opportunity to build upon what you have.
  • Roleplay out injuries, if you got shot in the arm or leg, try and make it obvious through sounding like you're in pain or roleplaying out that you could be bleeding out and need to get bandaged up soon.
  • Make your firefights slow, get in and utilize cover. Try and avoid just immediately shooting someone in the head to end the fight early maybe purposefully miss or blind fire around corners when in cover.
  • Don't feel like you always need to fight to the death or die trying to win, if you're shot, sometimes the smartest thing to do is to run for the hills.
  • Think of gun fights as roleplay, not PVP. This isn't Read Dead Online, make your firefights dramatic, if you find that the opposing person or team has an advantage, don't be afraid to surrender yourselves.
  • Your mentality should not be win or lose, it should be to advance the roleplay. Think about this before you start or get involved in a firefight, ask yourself what it adds to your story.
  • Not all firefights have to end in one side all dying, be open to the possibility of escape, surrender or talking your way out of situations.
  • Realize the power of firearms during this era, in a time when the three leading causes of death were pnuemonia, tuberculosis and diarrhea. It's not difficult to assume taking a bullet to the chest or even arm/leg could be deadly. Resulting to violence through guns should be your last resort if possible.
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