Common Roleplay Terms

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This is a guide to help both new and existing players to stay in character when they feel the need to go out of character. Using these sentences and phrases will help you maintain a good level of role-play while being 'in the city'.

<‘Term’: Definition - “Example of term being used in a sentence”.>
  • ‘Government Official’: Refers to a Staff member - “I would love to help you with that problem, but, I’m afraid a Government Official will have to help you instead.”
  • ‘Government Laws’: Refers to Server Rules - “If you are having trouble following city laws, someone will inform a government official about your behavior.”

  • ‘In the city’: Refers to the Server Itself - “Hey, I’m in the city now. Are you in town so we can meet up?

  • ‘My eyes are blurry’: Low FPS/Texture issues/Lag - “I can’t see what you’re doing, my eyes are a little blurry"

  • ‘Voice box’: Refers to your microphone - “I think their voice box isn't working at the moment, perhaps they have lost their voice.”

  • ‘Storm’: Refers to a server restart - “Are you coming back out after the storm? If so, give me a text or a call and we can meet up."

  • ‘Going to sleep’: When you or someone is logging out of the server - “I’m going to head home now and have a sleep. I will catch you tomorrow.”

  • ‘I'm in my head’ or ‘They're in their head’: When you or someone has to do something IRL - “I just need to go into my head for a second, I will be back.”

  • ‘Going to take a nap’: Refers to having to leave the city and come back in - “My eyes are a little blurry, I'm going to take a quick nap and I will meet you back here in a little."

  • ‘Voices in my head’: Refers to a 3rd party application for talking - “I’ll be right back I have some voices in my head.”

  • ‘Spider of your foot’: This phrase means your character is bugged - “You need to jump, there's a spider on your foot.”

  • ‘Deported’: Refers to a player being kicked or banned - “Breaking government laws will get you deported from the city.”

  • ‘Guarded Area’: Refers to a green zone where certain actions are prohibited - “Keep your weapons in your pockets because this area is heavily guarded.

  • ‘Your pockets’: Refers to your inventory (F1) - “Check your pockets, I've just given you a Popsicle and a can of soda.”

  • ‘I've got my body cam running’: Refers to someone recording the event currently happening - “The police officers always have body cams on because they are in such a dangerous occupation.”

  • ‘Flex your (....) muscle’: Refers to pushing a key on your keyboard or mouse - “To open your pockets, flex your F1 muscle.”
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