[CLOSED] Starting Jobs/Applications and Positions

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We are planning on releasing our server to the public very soon. We are looking for a few players to take on some important/key baseline jobs before we begin the hunt for new people! All of the positions listed on this post need to be filled asap in the coming weeks and we will be taking applications through the forums OR through our discord in the form of a ticket (look in #open-ticket channel).

Available Positions/Jobs:
  • High Ranking Police/Command
    • 1x Chief of Police - PENDING
    • 1x Deputy Chief - AVAILABLE (1/1)
    • 2x Captain - AVAILABLE (1/2)
    • 3x Lieutenant - AVAILABLE (3/3)
  • High Ranking Medical Personel
    • 1x Medical Lead/Supervisor - PENDING
    • 2x Team Leader - AVAILABLE (2/2)
    • 1x Training Development Officer - AVAILABLE (1/1)
  • Luxury Car Sales
    • Ideally 2 individuals willing to run one company, importing, selling and hosting car shows, displays etc. AVAILABLE (2/2)
  • Drugs/Illegal Imports (Faction ran ideally)
    • Weed Seeds AVAILABLE (1/1)
    • Cocaine/Heroin/Meth Lockups AVAILABLE (3/3)
    • Blackmarket and Arms dealing/imports AVAILABLE (1/1)
  • Legal Aid
    • Head Judge - In charge of accepting warrants, setting court dates, penalties and introducing laws AVAILABLE (1/1)
    • Lawyers - Paid by the city, freelance clients as a side hustle. AVAILABLE (3/3)

We are still taking on custom business applications and faction applications however we will not be putting primary focus on these until a majority of these positions have been filled.

USRoleplay Team!
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