Chopshop Guide


The Chopshop Guide

The chopshop becomes available when you have gained 25 rep. You can check your rep by doing /rep ingame. You gain rep by: Robbing Locals and/or other people, selling drugs, crafting guns, robbing stores/banks. You can lose rep by getting robbed or getting sent to prison.

The Chop Shop is in Sandy. Located in the picture below,

When you have gotten your 25 REP; a “Chop list” would be sent to your phone. The choplist is the tool icon with the light blue background.

Now you have to go on a scavenger hunt for the different cars on the list.

When you have found the correct car and make your way to the chopshop in Sandy.

When you have made your way into the chopshop, drive over the green circle and Press E to start chopping the car. If theres a error message that pops up and says “You have the wrong car” Probably means you have the wrong car.

When you are done chopping the car, you would get some car parts that you now can sell to the chopshop manager.

When selling your car part to the Chopshop manager you will get dirty money.

You have to find out in rp how to wash it. There are also some other items around the map that you can buy with dirty money.

Have fun!