Chop Shop Guide


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The Chopshop Guide

The chopshop becomes available to anyone who does not have a legal job (police/ems/lawyer).

There are three locations of Chop Shops on the island:

South Los Santos

Sandy Shores


You will receive an alert that a new "Chop list” has been sent to your phone. The list will update every 20 minutes while you are in the city so be aware as you are searching for a car on your list that it might change! The chop list is the wheelbarrow icon with a brown background.



Now you have to go on a scavenger hunt for the different cars on the list. Remember, there are various lists for different areas of the island. Sometimes you will have an expensive car list which you may find most in Vinewood Hills. Or you may find yourself with a Sandy list where you are looking for mainly trucks or work vehicles. It's important to check your list and determine what the best area is to look in for those vehicles.

When you have found the correct car and make your way to a chop shop in the city. Remember there are three locations.


When you have made your way into the chop shop, drive over the green circle and Press E to start chopping the car. If there's an error message that pops up and says “You have the wrong car” that means you have are attempting to chop the wrong vehicle.

When you are done chopping the car, you would get some car parts that you now can sell to the chopshop manager. There is one located at every chop shop. Just walk up to him and press E to speak to him.


When selling your car part to the Chopshop manager you will receive money that goes directly into your pocket. So remember, deposit your money ASAP!

Remember, this is ILLEGAL! Be aware when you are chopping cars, you never know when police may catch you!

Have fun!


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