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  1. The Mad

    problem with my horse?

    Instructions unclear: Horse fed with 98 Octane Gasoline
  2. The Mad

    I think I'm being watched 👀 [MEDIA]

    I think I'm being watched 👀
  3. The Mad

    Changelog v2.0.1

    Also thank you for adding a info on how much Items Weigh :D
  4. The Mad

    Changelog v2.0.0

    Man, I just loved stacking five 6-packs of redbull, 7 umbrellas, 26 cups of coffee, 19 chocolate snacks, 3 gun licenses, 31 Bandages among other essentials in my trousers.
  5. The Mad

    Changelog 1.0.8b

    At last one of the interdimensional wormholes has been closed. but...
  6. The Mad

    The Housing System

    Also, Will we have to assemble the IKEA home decorations in addition to placing them down in these new houses?
  7. The Mad

    The Housing System

    Great job, but it unfortunately deleted any contacts you had on your previous phone.
  8. The Mad

    Gives me ideas: [MEDIA]

    Gives me ideas:
  9. The Mad

    Map Mods

    Thank you Very Much, I've been looking for this! :D
  10. The Mad

    Changelog 1.0.8a

    Yes, finally the infamous dnf command has been patched. :D In my own patchnotes I can safely say that the magician has been nerfed by 5%.
  11. The Mad

    Car Import Queue (How it all works!)

    Great to see some way of adding custom vehicles! :D Although I'm not expecting every car to simply get imported as there's a lot to getting them in the city. I know that important things as polycount and textures needs to be considered when importing cars and in worse cases they need to get...
  12. The Mad

    OneSync 128+ Slots - Post Mortum

    I'm happy to see the team already being more ambitious with the project. I hope that future optimizations to the server will make even more people be able to join the server and have a good time without serious hardware.
  13. The Mad

    Character Showcase Thread

    Whichard Pearson aka Mr Worldwide or The Magician: Born: -6/13/1997 A young man who started out as a stand in actor for Mr Worldwide in Pitbull's music videos having an affinity for different personas later discovering his potential as a magician. Nowadays he's a rare sight as he's a modern...
  14. The Mad

    What's your rating of the server?

    Think yourself into your inner exquisite master server critic and give the admins/devs/mods a simple but elegantly nuanced personal rating of how the project has faired so far; Mine is a solid 👌🦆/6,4
  15. The Mad

    Roll Call!

    Sweden, 18
  16. The Mad

    What Rig you guys running?

    I'm still rolling an i7 4770k, 16GB with a GTX 1080 and I get about 40-60 fps on medium-high settings on the server.
  17. The Mad

    Whitelisted Jobs? Never heard of them... ;)

    Whitelisted Jobs? Never heard of them... ;)
  18. The Mad

    Changelog 1.0.7c

    Yes, supply that goodier code.
  19. The Mad

    Extremely Powerful Magician

    Extremely Powerful Magician
  20. The Mad

    Changelog 1.0.7a

    Only ever time I actually used the Redbull Trick was once as Whichard the Magician(Mr Worldwide back then) during my very first days on a Cop livestreaming and he literally thought I was using a mod menu after having to pick me up again.