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  1. Antony

    [IMPORTANT] Community Update - 07/18/2021

    Hi everyone, As requested by many of you in the discord suggestions channel, I've decided to make this post about what will be taking place in the coming months in regards to the community with updates, changes and additions. So! It has been a year officially since we did our last wipe. For a...
  2. Antony

    Rules and Guidelines

    Player Reports and Bans • Player reports must be posted on the forums and not in a staff members DM's. If it is about another staff member then DM an Administrator and they will deal with it appropriately. Staff will need the ID of the person who is suspected of breaking the server guidelines or...
  3. Antony

    Accepted Randy - Police Application

    Hi, @Randy, Thanks for your application! After going through, I think that you would be a perfect fit for our police force. I can remember you playing on spectrum and I can't remember having any issues with you from when I played. You also have knowledge of the standard that we like our...