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    What Rig you guys running?

    Nice man any pics?
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    What Rig you guys running?

    I am running a custom built 2070 i7 HERES a pic of my beautiful pc costs me 1.1k with a monitor keyboard and even a mouse I definitely underpaid a ton Click here to see it
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    Had a lawyer application since Thursday

    You must wait for a response
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    Changelog 1.0.7c

    love the work you guys been doing here keep it up!
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    Whitelist vs Non-Whitelist

    i disagree, i feel as if we shouldn't be whitelisted yet. we need way more exposure before we can even think about this. we just need harsher punishments for RDM and NITRP
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    Roll Call!

    Boston, USA 18yo
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    Changelog 1.0.7a

    Thanks for keeping us updated!